Garden and Pool
Pool House and Swimming Pool.  An old pig sty building was rebuilt using all the original stone and Italian clay tiles to make a chic pool house, and with the addition of a swimming pool surrounded by decking we have created a wonderful space in which to relax in peace and privacy. Summer brings with it the distant sound of the garden strimmers and the odd rumble of the tractor as it works the fields, other than that the only sounds you will hear is the caw of the crow, the scream of the buzzard and maybe the grunt of a wild boar at dusk. Heaven.
There are two luxury sun loungers available and pool/beach towels.


Early May and the acacias are in bloom. The garden is heady with their perfume. Sadly the blossom is gone in no time and always before the arrival of our first guests of the season. Great pity I can't embed a 'scratch and sniff'.  It truly knocks your socks off.


The herb garden, freshly planted each year and conveniently close to the barbecue.  It looks a little sparse at the time of planting but will be full to bursting in a few short weeks, perfectly ready for pinching and plucking.

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